Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
Giantz 8HP 3
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Giantz 8HP 3" Petrol Water Pump Garden Irrigation Transfer Blue

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    The GIANTZ 8hp Petrol Water Pump provides outstanding performance for general water pumping applications. Whether it is for heavy-duty cleaning, irrigating the garden or pumping out a flooded cellar, you will be amazed with the versatility and performance our monster water pump. Featuring a 80mm (3'') inlet/outlet and a class-leading flow rate of 60,000L/h (1000L/min) , the hardworking water pump is coupled with a powerful 235cc, 3600rpm 4-stroke engine that easily transfers water up to four storeys high with minimum fuss. The motor assembly is housed in an anti-corrosive tubular steel frame. Better still, ceramic and carbon seals offer great durability and longlasting use. An extra-large 4.5L fuel tank means it can run for up to five hours on a single fill (load dependent). Not least, the water pump now complies with Euro 5 emission standards unlike others that are still on Euro 2. Simply better for you and the environment.

    8hp high flow petrol water pump
    Extra-large 4.5L fuel tank
    Flow rate of 60,000 L/h (1000L/min)
    Anti-corrosive alloy pump housing
    Ceramic and carbon seals
    Full 3'' inlet / outlet
    Solid impeller
    Gearless direct drive
    100% duty cycle
    Easy start pulling system
    Bonus hose fittings and inlet filter
    Anti-shocking and noise-reducing rubber feet
    Ultra-fine air filter

    Engine power: 5.8kw (8HP)
    Engine type 4-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled
    Flow: 60,000L/H
    Fuel tank: 4.5L
    Mating engine: 170F 235cc
    Mating pump: TP50
    Speed: 3600rpm
    Output size: 80mm (3'')
    Input size: 80mm (3'')
    Lift: 40m
    Suction: 7m
    Dimension: 37cm*49cm*43cm
    Colour:Black & Blue

    Package Content
    1 x Giantz Water pump
    Hose Connectors and Accessories