Yoshikawa Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm  YH6754
Yoshikawa Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm  YH6754
Yoshikawa Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm  YH6754
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Yoshikawa Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm YH6754

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    yukihira saucepan yukihira saucepan

    The essential item for Japanese cooking: the Yukihira Pot

    The Yukihira pot is a fundamental Japanese cooking appliance. It has enjoyed a stable spot not only in professional chef kitchens, but also in household cooking from the 700s to present. The Yukihira continues to hold its place for Japanese people today as a cooking appliance essential to traditional Japanese cooking.

    The Yukihira pot, forged from highly durable stainless steel, has a form and feel that is easy-to-use and ideal for making the perennial favorites of Japanese cuisine such as miso soup and stewed dishes, not to mention the preparation of the all-essential Japanese broth. Experience the Japanese ambiance passed on from days of old with the easy-to-use Yukihira pot.

    Easy to use Saucepans for Everyday Cooking. A Yoshikawa Design Product.

    Measurement Marker:

    The markers enable you to measure quantities and serving portions.

    20cm: 800ml, 1200ml and 1600ml

    22cm: 800ml, 1200ml, 1600ml and 2000ml

    Lips for Pouring from Either Side :

    Lips on either side of the pan help you to pour your stew and soup dishes.
    Practical for both right and left-handed cooks.

    YH6754: Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm



    Carton Weight:7.2kg

    Carton Dimensions(mm):305, 460, 295

    Notice : Wooden Handle color may different than photo, product only including Saucepan only , food and others not included

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    1 xYoshikawa Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm YH6754